I love books, I love reading. Since my first introduction to books ('Biggles' books) I've been surrounded by books and the feel and even the smell of books is something I find incredibly comforting. 
I travel for work and for holidays and I have time to spend reading. 

YES. I have bookcases full of real books, and I have a computer, a kindle, an ipad and a phone.
How do I read most? on the KINDLE app on my phone (or iPad on a plane). 

The kindle is being gifted to grandkids. The laptop is going to my daughter. The ipad was a second hand Ebay purchase of 64Gb just to hold

Why?? because I can read anywhere with 1000s book in my pocket. I can change my mind, my tastes, my mood with a click or a swipe. I can search for anything within my books. 

and there are very many FREE books... unlike print books. tri it no... kindle, nook, playbooks, bookbub.

Minimalism is just living your life, making do, getting along, surviving day to day with the least amount of things...

It can mean very few possessions, clothes, gadgets, things...   Apparently 'the person who dies with the most amount of gadgets" DOESN'T win.

It is different for everyone, just as there are different people. I'm not one to say you have to do it this way. It is simple living or simply living.
Now there are websites, people, videos, books and apps to point you in a direction...

eg. The Minimalists...